Monday, August 12, 2019

Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Project Management - Essay Example In essence, a project must be temporary, has defined the scope of period, has goals, should be completed using minimum resources and should produce an intangible or physical product/service (Mir and Pinnington, P211). A construction permit or license is usually required while constructing or demolishing a garage or a shed that is larger than 200 square feet in area and higher than 10 feet. In this project, there will be no requirement for the permit since it requires approximately 30-meter square area and 8 feet high. Architectural design planning is the first step in building a garage since it involves an architectural drawing on how the garage shall appear. Drawing helps the engineer to come up with different designs and make necessary adjustments to meet the consumer preference. The architectural design provides all the necessary layout of the structure, including exact building dimensions and 3D appearance once completed. During this phase the need of the user is taken into great consideration; this is achieved by asking the consumer to state how he/she would wish the garage to be in relation to the main house. The client can provide a verbal or written description according to the preference , and if possible, the designer can visit the consumers home to assess the practicality of the customer’s specification. After the design is complete and the customer is satisfied, the next step is to perform cost evaluation to check how much it will cost in building the whole project. This stage is very imperative since the building materials must be bought for full completion of the project. The customer is advised accordingly on how to cut cost by using alternative materials. Both the construction team and the client set the period for project completion since a project must be completed within a defined period. To complete the proposed structure the following shall be required: Materials for the foundation include Sand, gravel, concrete, wire

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