Sunday, July 28, 2019

Article Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Article - Term Paper Example department, mainly lack of awareness of the information security concerns and the swiftly evolving complexity of the systems, the cumulative capacity and the reach information and communication technology and the transnational nature of communication networks. It is evident in the paper what the three authors are arguing about ethics, and security in information technology is the focal topic being argued in the global society (ASSON, 2012). Without ethics in this field with little or no progress will be witnessed; many nations are trying to apply ethics in the field of information technology to ensure they are rapid growth in the sector. I do agree with the authors statements this is because, without ethics there will be an extremely slow development in a nations economy. ICT is a key player in a countrys economy making the country’s economy flourish. Security is another key player proper surveillance should be done to make the participants do what is expected by following the laws governing any organization. ICT can be used as an actual tool which will be used to support democracy and freedom worldwide. ICT is a dual character, and there is an exceptionally high potential of ICT to be an effective and useful resource for autocracy or

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