Monday, July 29, 2019

Patient access, data mining and PHI Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Patient access, data mining and PHI - Essay Example However, the primary concern about the system is its ability to support use by people at different levels including patients without compromising the confidentiality of the patients’ data. Interoperability in the IT system also forms the primary concern in the success of the health information technology in US. Interoperability is the ability of the systems and devices to share information and interpret the shared information. There is a need to agree on system standards for them to be interoperable at any level (Melvin, 2009). Health IT vendors in US use system that are not interoperable. One of the causes of interoperability problem is databases being unable to share the information with different types of applications (Vidyarthi, 2012). The system used by health IT vendor is in a proprietary format limiting access and transfer of information between the various providers. The model used in the systems is not standard, and they use different coded languages making it hard to share the needed health information. Even when there is sharing of information, terminologies used may be incompatible with applications used. The systems inability to share information effectively makes it very hard to address medical care fragmentation and solve error issues arising due to lack of necessary

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