Thursday, July 25, 2019

Career Exploration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Career Exploration - Assignment Example The Keirsey temperament test consists of the personality questionnaire which is designed to help the people to understand their skills and abilities. The Keirsey temperament sorter is the kind of test which allow the people to recognize their abilities, skills and kind of nature they embrace for their career. According to the Keirsey temperament test, there are four types of temperament which the people cleave to as a type of their career; these temperaments include the Artisans, Guardians, Idealists and the Rationales. The Artisans are the type of people who can be stimulating, directive and can have the impact over others and the surroundings, they are manipulating and influential. The category of artisans includes the roles like operators and the promoters. Guardians are the type of people who are the organized and the concrete and are concerned with their duty and responsibility. The greater strength of the Guardians is their ability of logistic findings. These people can be the best administrator. Idealists are the people with the great passion of seeking their own identity and are the empathetic. Their strength is the diplomatic behavior and they focus on the personal growth. The category includes the mentors like teachers and the advocates. Rationals are the people of strategic skills, they are the objective people and mostly they are finding the self control. The category includes the engineers and the coordinators. (Butler, A. C. 1990) The above four temperaments are described by Keirsey who called them as the character types. The four temperaments are further divided into sixteen character types which are assessed through the scale of the skills and nature of the person. According to the question based assessment, my temperament is idealist. The idealists can be enjoying the role of mentors and the advocates. These people are the inspiring and are passionate to develop their own skills and abilities. They seek the

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