Sunday, July 28, 2019

Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Project - Research Paper Example Boxall and Purcell portend that in addition to industrial relations, human relations includes other human resource aspects such as employee development, employee remuneration and employee safety among others. This makes industrial relations a crucial aspect of management for the current managers. This is because it recognises the importance of human relations in the current business environment. The book asserts that human resource management came into existence due to the impact of the situational variables. These variables led to alteration of the management principles that guided employee behaviour. The universal outlook of dealing with employees had to be abandoned in favour of recognition of the workforce as an asset of any organisation, dynamic in thought and functioning. The changes in the political, socio-economic and technological environment has led to the rise in the management challenges related to globalisation, quality evolution, diversity management, employee ,empowerment and corporate reorganisation. The paper asserts that the impact of the challenges depends on the mode in which the management handles financial resources, machines and workforce. The paper addresses the need for the organisational managers to develop organisational strategies that utilises and develops the human resources in the improvement of the business activities. The proposed strategy guides on the impacts of employee welfare with emphasis on the importance of providing greater opportunities for knowledge sharing and learning as the pillars of motivation. This delineates the traditional aspects of human resource management to the current ones. The findings of Kersley et al survey affirm that human resource management functions deals with the management of people. It includes all the practices that enable proper utilisation of the human personnel in various stages of the employment cycle

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